We Advise

  • Simply to cover any and all risk entailed by any contractual situation, and mitigate such risky situation by buying the necessary insurance policies.

OUR Claims Resolution

We offer:

  • Scientific approach and thorough analysis of claims situations.
  • Legal support:
    through an international Network of Lawyers to help our client facing the many different jurisdictions and different governing laws entailed by the presence of such policies.

Claims situations are all handled by us, as we usually work jointly with our clients to prepare the necessary claim files, which we submit to their review prior to presenting it to the assigned loss adjustors. We also venture into helping our clients in the RECUPERATION from other policies, which are not their property for the sake of reducing their losses with their insurers thus rendering the later much more flexible and keen to settle our clients’ claims

Our Policy in Brief

CLOVER ventures into special risk such as:

  • Event cancellation, due to political Assassination, unstable political situation, adverse weather, and artist no show etc…
  • producers indemnity policies, as we participated in the making of many ads and feature films, having Oscars
  • Tour Operators policies, which helped us in building an extensive Network of lawyers within the region for the sake of properly recuperating on behalf of foreign companies having dealt with local DMCs and hotels, and many others….
  • Political Violence, definitions are into a continuous update to cover the new circumstances in the world
  • Kidnap and ransom

…and many others


Does my event is covered for All Risks including all interests.