We Advise

In consolidating all the family policies or the group policies in one expiry date, thus providing better management of conditions, better pricing because of bigger volume, more flexibility in adding extra conditions and better vision at renewals

OUR Claims Resolution

Experienced Staff Whose Sole Purpose is to help you when claim happen By offering:

  • Proper and thorough analysis for complex claims.
  • Proper Network of repair shops, inclusive of agencies repair shops.
  • Legal support in case of corporal damage to third party.
  • One stop shop for claims services.
  • VIP services: i.e. cars Pickup/ repair and return.


  • Bancassurance Covers THE BANK INTERESTS (their loan) and not specifically YOUR interests
  • Insurance companies in many cases do not comply with the applicability of the prevailing compulsory Laws when solving a corporal claim, rather they seek try to protect their own interests in initiating primary recuperation.

Our Policy in Brief

Our Policies Comply with each and every Local Road Traffic Act & Other Legislation which are in direct relation with The insurance Of Motor Vehicles.

We can provide insurance For:
  • Private Cars
  • Commercial Cars
  • Hired Vehicles
  • Fleet of cars (starting from 3 and above)
  • Motorcycles (even comprehensive)
  • Trucks/ vans/ pickups (commercial and private)
Cover Section
Third Party Liability Accidental Damage General Exceptions General Conditions
Third Party Only NA
Third Party & Total Loss Total Loss