We Advise

Health insurance is one of the most important policy worldwide, as it is the only protection against expensive treatments, therefore, when choosing for a health insurance you should make sure:

  • To cover your home country, or the country of your passport.
  • To check about the steadiness of your health insurance provider throughout his history, and his reinsurance quality
  • To insure continuity,
  • To insure guaranteed renewability after retirement.

OUR Claims Resolution

We offer:
Experienced Staff made of professional nurses (minimum certification) providing:

  • Proper and thorough analysis for complex claims when facing insurance companies’ rigidity in covering medical cases.
  • Personalized services through our 24 hours Hotline that is shown on each health insurance card issued through us.
  • Mobile Application, providing support in choosing providers, seeking approvals and claiming online.
  • Website Portal
  • Worldwide Assistance through local third party administrators
  • Claims processing
  • VIP services Accompaniment Within hospitals to tackle administrative tasks.

Our Policy in Brief

  1. Health Insurance:
    In order to cope with the different markets sectors: Clover aligns 4 types of products ranging from the local basic laborer type of insurance, up to offering international products servicing our clients worldwide. Such top ups products are catered to compete with the international ones however with locally underwritten thus reducing our offered cost. All our products include many extra benefits which nature are to reduce the general exclusions of such policies.
  2. Life Insurance:
    Is as well an important part of our offerings under health insurance as our philosophy is to add the minimum basic covers needed rather than venturing into sophisticated products which do not usually cope with our clients’ needs. Our motto under such branch is: value for money


  • Health insurance should be considered as primary, and supersede all other insurance policies (such as motor insurance, and or workmen compensation).
  • Under group insurance: am I properly given the proper loss results?
  • Under individual insurance, results should not be part of a renewal process.