We Advise

  • Proper and detailed disclosure of the scope of works.
  • Proper and detailed disclosure of the exact construction costs and labor costs
  • Proper and detailed disclosure of the site situation and its surrounding,
  • Proper and detailed situation of the signed contracts (with principals and subcontractors).

OUR Claims Resolution

We offer:

  • Preventive visits prior to commencement of the works and during works to fully account for the continuous changes.
  • Scientific approach and thorough analysis of claims situations.
  • Legal support in case of third party claims.
  • Single contact with our clients.
  • Claims files compilation.

Our Policy in Brief

We provide full solutions by grouping different types of insurances:

  • Either Contractor all risks coped with machineries breakdown, and workmen compensation
  • Or Liabilities with machineries breakdown, and workmen compensations
  • Sometimes when design is involved Professional liabilities is included, and in certain territories (where compulsory) we also add defect liability covers

Above policies are coupled with almost 43 extra benefits destined to widen our scope of cover and reduce its exclusions


  • Always contract the insurance policies at the PRINCIPAL’s or OWNERS’ levels, and Do not let contractors or subcontractors insure the site,
  • Always make sure to collect the certificate of completion of the works.
  • Always make sure to include a defect period cover after the completion of the works.